autumn landers, certified recreational therapist, ctrs: i've been overweight most of my life. some of my earliest memories involve shopping for clothes that could fit a little girl that was much bigger than she should be. many times i would ask myself “why?”. somehow i knew it was much deeper than overeating and not getting enough exercise, because i did just as much activity as all my other “more skinny” friends. slower metabolism was the reason they said, but somehow i never believed that to be the reason. i tried every fad diet out there and would lose some weight, but i would always fail, binge eat on what i had been depriving myself of, and the weight would come back two-fold. i had little energy to do things and felt like i was constantly riding an emotional roller-coaster. but, i always held out hope, hope that one day i would discover something that would help me become a better version of myself.

that hope finally came at age 22 when i met aaron marco and alessandra fabrello at the institute for integral neuro-fasciology. with their help, i began putting the pieces together to solve the puzzle of just what had been plaguing me my entire life. i discovered i was an individual suffering from food intolerances. i had been constantly stuffing myself with foods that inflamed my brain and gi tract, and in turn wrecked havoc on my entire body and nervous system. something as simple as eating turned every aspect of my life into misery. gluten and dairy were the main culprits. they were why i was always bloated, easily gained weight, never felt full or satisfied, and always felt “bad”. i remember my mother asking me when i was a teenager why i constantly complained of “feeling bad”. i didn’t have an answer for her. i told her that it wasn’t any one place in my body but rather it was just a feeling. well, with this huge discovery in my life, i finally had the answer i had been so desperately searching for.

in september 2013, i very gradually began phasing gluten out of my life and immediately noticed results. i wasn’t as bloated and my stomach wasn’t in a constant state of disarray. and, with these results, in january 2014, i got brave enough to cut out dairy. at this point what did i have to lose? the results were immediate and i felt even better. with aaron and alessandra’s direction and supportive integral design, and the research that was coming out about the link between grains and brain inflammation and soy and endocrine disruption, i cut them out of my diet. and, then came refined sugars. without any hesitancy, i can now say i feel better than i have in my entire life. my diet has drastically changed within the last few months. i have switched from the standard american diet (sad) full of carbohydrates and low fat foods to one of wholesome foods including grass-fed meats, healthy vegetables, some fruit, low glycemic index sugars especially low in fructose, to a lifestyle that incorporates integral nutrition: free from gluten, grains, dairy, soy, and refined sugars.

so what are the changes i have noticed so far? because of integral neuro-fasciology, inf, and the help i have received, i am now in better physical shape and the inflammation that once wracked my body is disappearing. a result of my nutritional choices is that i've lost close to 40 lb in only five months without even trying. my focus was on moving toward well-being. i'm making nutritional choices based upon inf and not following any diet. i am sleeping better and waking up easier. my brain now wakes up before my body! my cravings for junk food are gone, and my emotional eating is now under control. my body also handles physical and emotional stress better than it ever has. with an improved nervous system, i am now able to control my emotions better. where they once would have stopped me dead in my tracks and wouldn’t allow me to function, i now have control because of my nutritional changes and because of the inf physical exercises and body movement, which further supports optimal function. the mental changes i have seen are sharper and clearer thinking. not only am i running around full of ideas, i also have the mental energy to act upon them and see them through. socially, i have more personal confidence than ever before. i have been able to face social fears, such as public speaking, that i never thought possible. i took speaking courses in college, but nothing helped until i had a nervous system up and running at functional level, and currently moving ever closer to optimum functioning level, that allowed me to control the fear and handle the stress. i am also learning to speak up and not be afraid to share my ideas. perhaps the biggest change of all is finding confidence and discovering a sense of comfort in who i am, which in turn allows me more and more to be myself without fear of judgement from others. the real me has finally been set free and i'm finding that i'm a me that has great ability and endless potential. moving closer and closer to functioning at optimum potential is liberating.

it is not easy to implement these changes. it takes a lot of hard work, willpower, and dedication. it is in every sense of the word, a complete lifestyle change, but with the support, guidance and custom individualized consulting of those at the institute for integral neuro-fasciology there is a much smoother transition. this lifestyle is not society’s common approach to making yourself better. it is rather about letting go of the beliefs that have been ingrained in your head about certain so-called “healthy” foods and ways of life, and trying something new and against conventional devices. but, i can promise you, the changes you will see and the improvements you will feel, make every single bit of it worth it. inf is continuing to help me accomplish life goals that i once only dreamed were possible, but are now becoming my happy and energized reality. thank you inf.


when all the common approaches aren’t working, it’s time to try something new.

alessandra fabrello: the decisions and the choices that we make in life reflect who we are as individuals and where we are on the spectrum of life's journey. here we find an individual who has bucked the trend to live life based upon the myth of self-flagellation as being an admirable quality in the definition of an untrue code of self-ethics. rather, here we find amidst the masses a young woman who is not only both intelligent and inspirational but a young woman who is set a part from the masses and set on the invigorating and rewarding journey to achieve individual optimum functioning potential. the path that lies ahead is marked by the personal challenges that follows with the self-discipline much needed with lifestyle change but it too is riddled with the emotional disturbance that comes from the intense pressure of those with preconceived and narrow-minded perceptions who subsequently offer nothing but resistance to what challenges their belief system. when rather support and encouragement is what is needed. therefore, coupled with the difficulties of one's own personal challenges one has to navigate the fiery balls launched at one's courage from those who inhabit the world within which we exist. and, it is only the strength that comes with self-reliance, a quality that is empowering, that forge ahead and not cave to the battle that has always existed: to capitulate to the pre-rational masses. so, to you, young lady, dispel the myths, unveil the truth and continue to stand unconflicted against resistance and make the intelligent and informed decisions that you have. you are applauded.