integral neuro-fasciology |

our innovative approach to integral well-being is facilitated by the method of integral neuro-fasciology

inf approach: concept of well-being

integral neuro-fasciology, inf, is an integral approach to well-being.

well-being is a much forgotten, underestimated and rarely experienced tool that empowers the individual to lead a life more free from physical, physiological, emotional and even mental pain. integral well-being incorporates all aspects of an individual's life. wellness and well-being exist only as introductory components. integral well-being is well-being optimized: allowing access to an individual's full potential and yields the result of higher function. this completes the equation that is integral.

inf effectiveness: human potential is limitless and non discriminatory

inf is effective for both children and adults; the unwell and the well.
whether debilitated by pain or afflicted by a critical condition; whether a high functioning athlete or professional; whether child or adult, inf is both relevant and effective. inf has one objective: for the individual to function at optimum potential. optimum functioning potential is awarded to every individual.

the implementation of inf renders the result individual specific and is custom designed to fluently meet the competitive and pressured demands of contemporary living. inf has been created to specifically meet the needs of the individual and, unlike many modalities of therapy or treatment, inf has been created with the versatile and flexible structure to address and encompass reality: every individual is an individual.

inf embodies a synthesis of manual manipulation of body tissue; nervous system support; physiological and physical strengthening techniques; integral nutrition; body movement; and, the foundation for self-empowerment. the approach is integral: for optimum potential the individual is required to function physiologically, physically, structurally, neurologically and autonomically in a state of optimum operational equilibrium and well-being.

human potential is relevant and relative; limitless and nondiscriminatory.

inf methodology: contemporary and strategically integral

inf incorporates both inf expert and individual. individual involvement is both actively and passively defined and designed in a manner that generates a combined collaboration between inf expert and individual. the process toward individual higher functioning potential is a parallel progression of physical and physiological changes together with that of heightened individual self-awareness. the individual is given the opportunity to receive the acute/short-term results of inf or develop an individual and highly customized inf strategic framework, inf plan, that accommodates the individual's personal needs and demands at a pace of progression that is comfortable and convenient for the individual.

the goal for an inf strategic framework is for the individual to experience a state of integral well-being: function at optimal individual potential with the support structure of a designed mechanism by which to implement into an integral lifestyle. the benefits and results, however, are immediate. the effects of inf are never lost irrespective of time lapse between sessions. the soft connective tissue and nervous system, unlike voluntary muscle, retains the neuro-sensory and biomechanical input from each session. inf provides the individual with rapid results to address acute needs and with a more prolonged approach to facilitate and accommodate more chronic concerns. the benefits of inf are long term and retained within the neuro-fascial network of the body.

integral neuro-fasciology, addresses and supports the resolution of any acute or chronic condition and disorder, from mild to severe, of both physical and physiological origin. prior to commencing inf an extensive assessment and evaluation is performed wherein all physical and physiological concerns are analyzed and incorporated into an inf strategic framework in order for areas of complexity to be discussed and addressed with caution.