membership subscription frequencies for inf manual range from weekly to every four weeks. subscriptions are charged at their frequency rate. refunds are not available for subscriptions, but appointments roll over if you don't use them, and they never expire. subscription frequency can be changed once a month without incurring an additional setup fee. with all membership levels, you can book additional appointments at your subscription fee price. for instance, if you subscribe to an every four week frequency and the price is $130, you will be charged $130 every four weeks until you cancel; if you have already used your appointment for the four week period and you would like another session before your next subscription payment, then you would pay $130 instead of the regular price; if you do not use your appointment during a four week period, then you can use it during the next one. 

packages are available for five sessions. if the price is $135 per session, then you pay 5 x $135 = $675 up front. there is no expiration date. refunds are available pro-rated. for example, you purchase the above package for $675 and you use three sessions, and you would like a refund for the remaining two sessions you have not used; if the regular price for a session is $150, then that price would apply to the three sessions you used 3 x $150 = $450; you would receive a refund of $675 - $450 = $225.